Coral Vista-About the Process

This series of glass object's creation is inspired by the coral reef environment. I seek to make a statement about the reef and the environment in general. The process of their manufacture is involved and should be understood by prospective buyers.There is no paint of any kind used in the process. All of the elements that make up the image of the reef are glass. Most of these elements are created by melting different coloured glasses together and drawing the mixture downward as a long thread or cane out of a special kiln, called a Vitrograph. This cane of glass can be bent and/or twisted as it is pulled from the kiln to create organic looking elements, or simply pulled out straight to produce long glass bars. These bars are later cut into thin slices called Murrini to reveal the coloured pattern inside. Other elements are produced by manipulating pieces of glass in a blow torch flame (lampworking). Once all of these elements have been produced they are assembled on a piece of usually clear glass and then further colour is added by way of finely crushed glass called frit. The assembly is then fired in a kiln up to just over 800 degrees C. This process can take upwards of 24 hours to complete. The work is then inspected and the edges ground and polished. It is then returned to the kiln on a ceramic or stainless steel mold to be finally shaped at around 700 degrees C, another day long process.
After a final inspection the work is signed and a serial number is added. This number signifies the date the work was completed and the order in which it was taken from the kiln. The work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, an artist's statement and care and handling instructions and packed in a wooden presentation box for safe passage.
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