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Unicorn Glass Studio
1/9 De Latour St
Coconut Grove NT 0810

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Unicorn Glass Studio
Unicorn Glass-Don't You Know it's Magic

Unicorn Diamond Tools-Good things to work with.

Diamond plated tools suited to the art glass and ceramics industries. Diamond core drills, glass drills, Diamond grinding discs. Diamond hand rubbing pads for glass. Polishing discs for glass.

Affordable Diamonds

Primarily tools for the art glass industry, including a wide range of diamond plated tools, such as:

Diamond discs, resin bonded diamond smoothing discs and felt polishing discs. These are rigid and magnetic for use on flat bed grinding machines. Flexible discs to suit hand held grinders. Diamond core drills and diamond burs. Circular saw blades for both glass and stone cutting. Diamond hand rubbing pads. Diamond grinding heads to suit most brands of glass grinder on the market today. Plated diamond wheels and the new diamond film.

Additionally, Unicorn Glass is the agent for Venco, Australian made pottery equipment. Pottery wheels, pug mills and clay extruders. We service all Venco equipment and supply spare parts.

We also sell Skutt and Evenheat electric kilns suitable for both glass and ceramic application.

  • Diamond plated discs
    Magnetic backed in a wide choice of grits and diameters, with your choice of centre hole size.
  • Diamond Saw Blades
    Circular saw blades for both glass or stone.

    Diamond bandsaw blades to suit Inland, Diamond-Tech and like machines. Other sizes available on request

  • Diamond Hand Pads
    Made from dense foam rubber these pads are ideal for hand finishing glass work especially curved surfaces.
  • Flexible Discs
    For hand held tools.
  • Diamond Grinder Heads
    Usually an expensive consumable, these diamond heads are reasonably priced and very good performers.
  • Diamond Core Drills.
    These will make hole drilling in glass a dream.
  • Electric Kilns
    For both glass and ceramic application, these kilns are phenomenal value for money
  • Silica Carbide Belts
    SiC belts for glass linishing machines are a constant financial burden on studios who use them.
  • Diamond Wheels
    These wheels have a myriad of uses around the modern glass studio.
  • Venco Pottery Equipment
    Australian made Venco Pottery Equipment is world class in it's field. Manufactured with the serious potter in mind, versatile enough for potters at every level.